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The Cuendet Way of Life

Surrounded by olive groves, suspended between the sea and sky, perched on a hill or rising above the most beautiful cities of art, the Cuendet villas and apartments define a holiday without compromises, unique and unrepeatable as is the personality of those who choose them and those who own them.
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Exclusive selection

Many of the homes selected by Cuendet are individual villas, perched on the hills or overlooking the sea, embellished by a private swimming pool or garden, where you can rediscover the pleasure of relaxing in the shade, cooling down after breakfast on the veranda, enjoying a dinner of laughter and chatter with family and friends until late into the night.
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Italy - the home of Cuendet

It is difficult to ignore the temptation to just sit down on a bench and listen to the people. Everyone knows how friendly Italians are and how much they like to please their guests with their cooking. The Italian kitchen has much more to offer than pizza and pasta. Each region produces its own local specialities, adding on to your outstanding holiday.
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France, Greece, Spain and Croatia

From 2010 we are proud to present a large range of the special Cuendet houses througout the southern Europe. Not only in Italy but beautiful places in France, Greece, Spain and Croatia are waiting to give you the most splendid holiday full of joy and relaxation.
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Vacation in Scandinavia or Central Europe

Let your next vacation go to Central Europe and learn about the culture, traditions and history, or book a charming vacation home in Scandinavia and enjoy the stunning nature, small idyllic villages and trendy cities.
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