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Wine Vacation

White, red or rosé, flowery, with splendid bouquets, light or rich; during your Cuendet wine vacation you will experience the unlimited range of wines firsthand. Endless vineyards with large grapevines surround the mountain ranges and cover their slopes, plotted like terraces in exact lines. The vines tilt to the south and west to capture every ray of sunlight. Offering rich green colours in early summer days and gold and red in autumn, the time of vintage, the vineyards leave their marks on the beautiful scenery. It is a feast for gourmets to follow the wine traces and to experience the precious wine culture.

Your idyllic wine vacation will lead you over small wine roads, winding themselves through the hills, and past countless vineyards inviting you to degustations.

Try a Spanish wine, like Rioja or Montesierra, or a classy Italian one like Barolo or Chianti. You will experience the flavour fully developing while you marvel at the magnificent oak barrels in the wine cellars.

Take a wine bath and pamper your skin with a wine therapy in the French Bordelais.


Your wine vacation with Cuendet will harmonise joy and health -

Enjoy an unforgettable vacation!