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Holiday for the senses

Your Cuendet vacation offers you luxurious villas with a particular atmosphere. In the most beautiful corners of Europe you will experience an unforgettable stay and a holiday that pampers your five senses equally.


Marvel at the picturesque art villages, the narrow streets between glamorous monuments and the breathtaking landscape that spreads before your eye with its bolt upright vines and its unique colours.

The Mediterranean cuisine is a real feast for gourmets. It offers a lot of vegetables, rice, fish and meat, olive oil, garlic and many other flavours for a special holiday for the senses.


Smell the pleasant scent of the silver shining olive groves, the lemon plantations, the pine tree forests, the violet blossoming lavender and the foothills of the mountains. Your nose will sense the flavour of the sage, rosemary and thyme that are prospering in the southern sun.

At any time of the year, you will feel the warm sun on your skin and the smooth sand under your feet. Listen to the chirping of the crickets in the pine forests and the gentle rumbling of the sea at the rocky coast.


Your Cuendet holiday is full of emotions!