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The Mediterranean kitchen is a gourmet culinary experience. Take your time to get to know this marvellous cuisine, a paradise for passionate gourmets. Eating is still tradition in the southern Mediterranean areas.

Several ingredients dominate the Mediterranean cuisine, illustrating the basic elements of the different, regional kitchen; aromatic olive oil, garlic, fresh herbs like sage, thyme, rosemary and basil as well as countless fruits and vegetables, fish and meat, seafood and white bread, pasta and rice.

Gourmets have created countless culinary delights.

Besides oysters, the French kitchen offers more than 300 types of cheese and Provencal herbs give the meals a personal touch. Paella and “turrones” are Spanish gourmet specialities. Truffles and parmesan cheese add on to the excellent taste of the Italian kitchen.


Cuendet offers you a vacation as rich and inimitable as the gourmets and specialities of the countries. Choose, try and enjoy!