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A world of style

Fashion changes, lifestyle remains - this is the spirit of Cuendet and its houses.

Whether it be an individual villa with garden and swimming pool, a splendidly renovated ancient lookout tower, an apartment in a period palace or in a typical farmhouse, charm is guaranteed.


Those who choose these houses for their holiday are looking for a new world, far from the crowds and the masses; a world of personal and intimate rhythms and lifestyle, in the most beautiful locations in Italy, France, Spain, Greece or Croatia.

Surrounded by olive groves, suspended between the sea and sky, perched on a hill or rising above the most beautiful cities of art, the Cuendet villas and apartments define a holiday without compromises, unique and unrepeatable as is the personality and lifestyle of those who choose them and those who own them.


Cuendet offers a holiday for special people, for those who believe in beauty and authenticity, in distinctive flavours and precious atmospheres and in the joy that comes from the small pleasures of daily life.

Surrounded by good taste, unique panoramas and the comfort of a magnificent house of inimitable style, Cuendet offers you a lifestyle that will surprise you.