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Luxury Villa Valencia

Valencia is one of Europe's hottest and most fashionable destinations and a major cultural and industrial center with a European Congress Center for international business and trade fairs. Spending your holiday here in a luxury villa from Cuendet sure will give you a wonderful time with lots of fantastic and interesting experiences.


The province of Valencia is situated East of Iberia and borders the provinces Castellon and Alicante by the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the provinces Teruel, Cuenca and Albacete towards the inlands.

The former Spanish doorway towards the Mediterranean Sea includes architecturally valuable and cultural treasures, like the Lonja de Sede, the silk exchange, that has become world cultural heritage. Valencia takes its visitors with the particular charm of a city by the sea. Crystal clear water surrounds the endless long sandy and shingle beaches, jagged cliffs overlook lonely bays and the rocky coast, magnificent bays and picturesque fishery villages, like El Saler, offer a variety rarely seen anywhere else.

La Hoya de Bu~nol

Full of contrasts thanks to the unspoiled landscape between the coast and the mountains, is the gateway between the rising coastal hills and the plains. Beautiful forest peaks overlook picturesque mountain ranges and gentle hills. The Calderona Mountains are perfectly suited for hikes to its countless view pints that offer a breathtaking view of the Valencia coast.

El Rincón de Ademuz

El Rincón de Ademuz, an exclave of Valencia, is the point that is furthest away from the sea. Vineyards, valleys shaped like terraces, river ravines, mystic caves and fragrant fruit trees dominate inland areas like Los Serranos and La Canal de Navarres that have been populated as long as anyone can remember. Countless, picturesque villages offer their hearts and monuments as historical and cultural heritage.

Besides plenty of sights, you will experience the Spanish vitality, expressively demonstrated during the over 600 festivals (fiestas) in the Valencia region each year.

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