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Luxury Villa Spain

Spain is more than a country; it is a lifestyle and a unique combination of history, nature and gastronomy. Even at the time of globalization, Big Brother and Idol, traditions are still greatly valued in Spain. Thanks to its mild climate, life usually happens outdoors. “Mañana“ is tomorrow but you live today. Seize the moment!


Spain has, however, much more to offer than sun and beaches. Besides Switzerland, it is Spain that can count the greatest number of mountains in Europe, and there are 37 world heritage sites as well. And who else can offer seven Canary and four Balearic Islands?

Do you prefer the healthy climate of the Atlantic Sea that offers even at Christmas enjoyable swimming temperatures and in summer pleasant cool weather, or do you prefer the comfortable Mediterranean temperatures that offer a wonderful almond bloom in spring and warm water for floundering about for hours in autumn? Then you should visit these islands; except skiing you can simply do anything!


Enjoy a particular holiday in your luxury villa, your finca, in Spain. Off the main tourist routes, you will experience the country in a different and more intense way. Do you hear the hands clapping, the feet stamping and the sounds of the guitar? That is Spain; joy and passion!