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Luxury Villa Siena

Siena extends over three hills, between the Elsa valley and the Arbia valley, with a scenic and fascinating backdrop of gently rolling hills making it one of the most beautiful in Tuscany and indeed of all of Italy. It was its trade in fabrics, spices and wines which enabled it to become wealthy and powerful. Today Siena, surrounded by seven kilometres of still intact city walls, stands out proudly to the eyes of its visitors from all around the world who come here to admire its beauty. Symbol and heart of the city is Piazza del Campo, with its particular semicircular shape also defined as a shell shape and where twice a year a horse race is run.

Within Piazza del Campo is the gothic Palazzo Pubblico (town hall) and the very ancient Mangia tower from whose lofty heights, after having climbed up some 503 steps, you can dominate over the rooftops of Siena’s houses, towers and belfries and enjoy the panoramic view over the unforgettable, verdant green hills that surround Siena.


Just a bit further south is the Orcia valley, part of Siena’s territory, with its enchanting scenery, famous for its gently rolling hills and pearls such as the hamlets of Montepulciano, home to the wine with the same name, then there is Pienza and finally Montalcino whose most prestigious grapes produce the renowned Brunello di Montalcino.


Explore the precious treasures in the sourroundings while staying in your luxury villa!