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Luxury Villa Rome

Visiting Rome, the Eternal city, entails reading in a moment’s breath three millenniums of history but also its outskirts are worth being visited: Lake Bracciano and the lovely Castelli Romani, ancient fortified hamlets built by the aristocratic families of the Lazio region during the Medieval wars and built on the volcanic hills of the “Colli Albani” also dotted with sumptuous 16th century villas that were ordered to be built by the Popes and Roman princes.


Towns such as Ariccia, Velletri and Frascati, which have maintained the festive fascination typical of trips to the country and visitors are rewarded by the sweet smelling bouquets of the dry white wines which are produced here.


Lake Bolsena also has many wine and gastronomic specialities to tempt you with. The lake itself is Italy’s largest crater- based basin and is surrounded by woods, vineyards and olive groves set out on terracings and, of course, full of very important Etruscan and Medieval remains. Bomarzo, a town built by the Etruscans, is famous for its so-called Monster park, a fantastic route full of larger than life grotesque stone built figures dating back to the 16th century.


Spending your holiday in a luxury villa from Cuendet in the Capital of Italy you will experience both modern art as well as historic moments.