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Luxury Villa Lazio

Lazio is one of the most visited regions in Italy and it reaches all along the Italian Mediterranean coast by the Tyrrhenian Sea, bordering the regions of Tuscany and Umbria in the North, Abruzzi, Marche and Molise in the East and Campania in the South.


Spending your holiday in one of the Cuendet luxury villas located in the Lazio region you will discover an area which has become a much-loved location for various events, fairs and exhibits in Italy.


The capital of Italy’s central region is one of the most fascinating metropolitan cities, the Eternal City of Rome. Thanks to its 3,000 year old history, the city is famous for its arts and culture, glamorous monuments of the Roman Empire, over 300 antique churches and basilicas as well as its baroque fountains. The Lazio region is often only associated with Rome but you will find mystic and idyllic scenery and hidden artefacts also in the surroundings of the historical Mecca.

Tuscia and the Alban Hills, tuff hillsides of volcanic origin, stick out in the northern and southeastern part of the region, thanks to their deep ravines and beautifully blue glittering crater lakes. The Chalk Apennines with their highest peak, the Terminillo, dominate Lazio’s mountains in the East.


Vines, lined up in terraces, silver shimmering olive groves, green oak-, beech- and chestnut forests and lemon trees resemble the landscape in the South. The plains, however, are dominated in early summer by the colourful, wild and lovely fragrant flowers.

Besides its varied scenery, the Lazio region offers many small medieval villages, where you can enjoy the traces of the Etruscan culture, colourful Roman baths, magnificent sandy beaches, while staying in your luxury villa!


Thanks to its impressing cultural artefacts, charming landscapes, gorgeous idylls and antique atmospheres, Lazio guarantees enough space for both individuality and change.