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Luxury Villa Greece

Greece is famous for its friendly people and amazing variety. Impressive mountain ranges go hand in hand with a magnificent coast line.


With thousands of islands and bays, Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in southern Europe. Travel through the myths of the past. Admire the cradle of European culture, where philosophy, art and nature sciences have their origins.

Under the brilliant blue sky and constant sun (up to 3,000 hours of sun a year) you can explore countless beaches similar to the Caribbean. Lonely bays invite you to stay. Inland, many hiking trails offer relaxation and the generous people just add on to your perfect holiday.


Enjoy your fish and a glass of Retsina in one of the Greek taverns, or try “mezedes”, a plate of starters usually made from olives, cucumbers, tomatoes and sheep or goat cheese, filled vine leafs and small meat balls, served with the traditional Ouzo.


Spending your holiday in one of the Cuendet luxury villas add a splendid atmosphere, comform and luxury which is needed for a unforgetable holiday.