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Luxury Villa Labin

Experience a relaxing vacation in one of our holiday apartments or private luxury villas in Labin - a beautiful town which is situated in the East of Istria, where green hills dip into the sea and where nature blends with cultural heritage. The town was first settled in 285 BC and has had its share of monarchs. In the beginning of the 20th century, it was for 40 days an independent republic. The name Albona or Alvona, “the city on the hills”, has its origins from the Illyrians and Celts. Labin owes the looks of its old town to the Venetians, who established 90% of the buildings.

Art and culture in Labin

Labin with its churches, fortresses, Renaissance palaces and a magnificent panoramic view is a paradise for artists.

The city is today divided into two parts; the old town on the hill and the new part called Podlabin. During summer, the streets are dominated by various events, from art exhibitions in the countless ateliers and open air concerts to the cultural project “Labin Art Republika” that connects tradition and the present with theatre and music.