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Italy is an excellent example for the harmony between people and the sea. You will enjoy the Mediterranean feeling everywhere; here, you will unwind in the fresh air, seated on the terrace or the balcony of your luxus villa, relaxing by the pool, on the beach or inland.
You will be at ease and savour your holiday feeling to the fullest, thanks to the comfort of most of our holiday homes and their cultivated atmosphere, swimming pool and beautiful, large garden with seating arrangements.
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The sea here is cleaner than most other spots by the Adriatic Sea. Thousands of islands, high mountains, hot sun until late autumn and mild winters offer a unique and relaxing holiday experience. Most of our individual holiday apartments have their own balconies or green terraces; many offer a view of the deep blue sea as well.
You will have enough space to adjourn and make yourself comfortable.
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Travel through the myths of the past. Admire the cradle of European culture, where philosophy, art and nature sciences had their origins. Under the brilliant blue sky and constant sun you can explore countless beaches similar to the Caribbean. Lonely bays invite you to stay. Inland, many hiking trails offer relaxation and the generous people just add on to your perfect holiday.
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This country with its rich history, philosophy, art and its own lifestyle has a lot to offer. There is something to explore in every little village and every little corner; a beautiful castle hidden in a forest, a gifted artist in a remote village or an unusual restaurant with a breathtaking sea view. Being on holiday in France enriches your life in a special way.
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Do you prefer the healthy climate of the Atlantic Sea that offers even at Christmas enjoyable swimming temperatures and in summer pleasant cool weather, or do you prefer the comfortable Mediterranean temperatures that offer a wonderful almond bloom in spring and warm water for floundering about for hours in autumn? Then you should visit these islands; except skiing you can simply do anything!
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